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Understanding Pre-qualifications and Pre-Approvals

Have you received a letter in the mail that says you are pre-qualified for a new or used auto loan and thought it meant you were approved and ready to start car shopping? We have all received these letters at some point, so it is important to know what this means and what steps should be taken to have your loan application completed.

What is a pre-qualification?

Pre-qualification is the possibility of approval given a set of unverified information. Auto loan pre-qualification is not a full analysis of your credit report. Instead, it is an assumption that based on information provided regarding your approximate credit score and income, you could meet lending guidelines.

There is no hard inquiry on your credit for a pre-qualification. Therefore, if you want to apply for a loan your approval will be required to run your credit and establish creditworthiness.

What is a pre-approval?

A pre-approval is the most accurate at establishing your credit worthiness. The lender will analyze the information you provide regarding your income, residency, and your credit history according to your credit report. There will be a hard inquiry on your credit for a pre-approval and your consent is necessary.

Many times, a pre-approval letter that you can take to a dealership will be provided if the financial institution has indeed reviewed and approved your credit report.

A pre-approval may fall through if, for example, the car you wish to purchase is actually worth less than the loan amount requested. It is important to talk to your lender while you are shopping for a car to ensure you are purchasing a car that is priced relative to its value.

Remember, neither a pre-qualification or a pre-approval is a guaranteed loan offer.

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